27 East End Leaders Endorse Lee Zeldin for Re-Election

PATCHOGUE, NY – The Zeldin for Congress campaign today announced the endorsement of 27 East End elected officials. Today’s announcement follows this week’s 8 Brookhaven elected officials, 14 state and Suffolk County-level elected leader endorsements, and 15 Smithtown and Islip leaders for Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1).


“Congressman Lee Zeldin continues to support our community on many fronts,” said Yvette Aguiar, Riverhead Town Supervisor. “He has successfully advocated for Riverhead at the Federal level. Some of our future projects are being championed by his office. He is a responsive hands-on Congressman who is an effective leader.”


“Congressman Zeldin is approachable and always helpful. Southold Town has concerns with Hashamomuck Cove. The constituents reached out to Congressman Zeldin, who responded right away and acted on the issue,” said Jill Doherty, Southold Town Councilwoman. “Congressman Zeldin got the congressional approvals to have the Army Corps of Engineers step in. Congressman Lee Zeldin is the person we need to represent us!”


“Lee has been great working with local government. He was instrumental in setting up a meeting for Shelter Island with the Army Corps of Engineers to help us address erosion on Reel Point and then followed up continually to keep us on their radar,” said Amber Brach-Williams, Shelter Island Town Councilwoman. “During the Coronavirus emergency order, he has attended weekly East End Supervisors and Mayors calls to exchange information about our needs and concerns and what help was available.”


“It is my distinct honor to support Lee Zeldin for re-election to Congress in November. Lee has proven to be an outstanding representative with more courage, integrity and character than any candidate out there,” said Theresa Kiernan, Southampton Receiver of Taxes. “I am truly blessed to call Lee Zeldin a friend and can think of no other person that I would rather have representing all of us in CD 1.”


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15 Smithtown & Islip Town Leaders Endorse Congressman Lee Zeldin for Re-Election

PATCHOGUE, NY – The Zeldin for Congress campaign today announced the endorsement of 15 Smithtown and Islip elected officials. Today’s announcement follows this week’s 8 Brookhaven elected officials and 14 state and Suffolk County-level elected leader endorsements for Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1).


“Born and raised right here on Long Island, Lee Zeldin is a man whose life revolves around service,” said Ed Wehrheim, Smithtown Town Supervisor. “He served our country in the Army, served our state in the State Senate, and now continues to serve our district in Washington. I look forward to his continued service after his victory in November.”


“It is an honor to endorse Congressman Lee Zeldin for re-election this November. Lee and I share a common goal of making our community the best it can be for our residents,” said Lisa M. Inzerillo, Smithtown Town Councilwoman. “I know that Lee wakes up each morning with the goal of keeping our community a safe place for our children to grow-up in, and I look forward to continuing to work with him to do that.”

“I am proud to endorse Congressman Lee Zeldin for re-election in November. He stood up for small businesses during the pandemic, fighting to provide much-needed funding for the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program and Disaster Loan Program, and he secured more than 1.2 million items of PPE for healthcare workers and other individuals fighting on the front lines all across Long Island,” said Angie Carpenter, Islip Town Supervisor. “Beyond that, we are most appreciative of the Congressman’s commitment to Islip’s LI MacArthur airport.”

“As a fellow serviceman and father, I know the toughness and resolve Lee takes with him to Washington,” said John C. Cochrane, Islip Town Councilman. “This has been apparent over the last six years, and even more so over the last few months as he delivered for our small businesses, frontline workers and hardworking families. We are fortunate to have him fighting for us.”



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8 Local Brookhaven Leaders Endorse Congressman Lee Zeldin for Re-Election

PATCHOGUE, NY – The Zeldin for Congress campaign today announced the endorsement of 8 Brookhaven elected officials. This comes on the heels of yesterday’s announcement of 14 state and Suffolk County-level elected leader endorsements.

“I have known Lee Zeldin since he first ran for the United States Congress. I know how hard he works to deliver for all his constituents,” said Ed Romaine, Town Supervisor. “Whether it is working to keep our waterways clean or protecting our beaches or securing funding for needed infrastructure projects, Lee is there for us. I am proud to support his re-election.”

“Congressman Zeldin was crucial in securing funding to help the Town of Brookhaven repair the damage caused to our north shore by Superstorm Sandy. He has consistently demonstrated his commitment and ability to get things done for the Town of Brookhaven, and I strongly endorse his re-election,” said Jane Bonner, 3rd Council District.

“Lee is a longtime friend and a strong advocate for our community. Over the years, I have personally witnessed his resolve to fight for the Town of Brookhaven and all Long Islanders, first in Albany and now in Washington,” said Kevin Lavalle, 3rd Council District. “We are lucky to have him representing us in Congress, and I proudly endorse him for re-election.”

“I am proud to endorse Lee Zeldin for re-election to Congress. Over the last six years, he has worked tirelessly to bring federal resources to the Town of Brookhaven,” said Neil Foley, 5th Council District. “He has helped us improve our local environment through projects like the intracoastal waterway dredge, which is a boon for our local tourism, maritime industries and our way of life.”

“Lee Zeldin’s ability to deliver 2 billion dollars for Brookhaven National Laboratory is a regionally significant victory for our area,” said Dan Panico, 6th Council District. “His stewardship on Plum Island preservation has been exemplary. He’s never forgotten where he has come from and, as a fellow William Floyd High School graduate, he is always willing to help our area.”

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14 County and State Level Electeds Endorse Rep. Zeldin for Re-Election

PATCHOGUE, NY – The Zeldin for Congress campaign today announced the endorsement of 14 elected officials representing at least parts of NY-1 at the county or state levels of government.


“Lee’s work in Washington to protect Suffolk County is unrivaled,” said John Kennedy, Suffolk County Comptroller. “At the height of the pandemic, he secured $257 million in federal funding for Suffolk County government through the CARES Act and continues to fight to provide relief for local governments with budgets that were greatly impacted by coronavirus.”


“I see no better representative for the 1st Congressional District than Lee Zeldin,” said Judy Pascale, Suffolk County Clerk. “He is someone who consistently works across the aisle to get things done for Suffolk County. At the height of the pandemic, we saw how he worked with County Executive Steve Bellone and the White House to secure more than 1.2 million masks, gowns and other PPE to protect our local healthcare and other front line workers.”


“Lee Zeldin is a principled leader who gets things done. As a Congressman, a veteran, a father and a family man, Lee fights tirelessly to make his community and his country a better place to live and raise a family. We need more like him in Washington and I strongly endorse his re-election,” said 10th District County Legislator Tom Cilmi.


From 12th District’s County Legislator, Leslie Kennedy: “Lee has been a fighter for us on Long Island. He was instrumental in bringing in billions of dollars of development funds to the Brookhaven National Laboratory complex. The particle accelerator will provide hundreds of jobs and lead to valuable scientific and medical research. He took the lead on securing over a million items of valuable PPE during the peak of the Coronavirus outbreak here in Suffolk County to make sure that all our front line workers and seniors were safe. Congressman Zeldin led the fight to reduce threshold eligibility for participation in the Municipal Lending Facility providing Suffolk County with critical access for financial note activity. He consistently demonstrates a keen ability to identify the needs of his constituents, and then delivers. He truly is the voice of Suffolk County at a national level.”


“I am proud to endorse Congressman Lee Zeldin for re-election,” said Ken LaValle, State Senator for the 1st District. “It has been a pleasure to work with the Congressman over the years as my intern, my colleague in the State Senate and now as our representative in Washington. From his exemplary constituent service, to securing a two billion dollar infrastructure project for Brookhaven National Lab to his remarkable help throughout the pandemic, Lee Zeldin has delivered for our region. Congressman Zeldin has my full support in November because we need a champion in Congress fighting for the needs of Long Island residents.”


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Zeldin Campaign Launches Digital Ad “Service” In Support of Local Law Enforcement

PATCHOGUE, NY – The Zeldin for Congress campaign today launched its next digital ad, “Service”, in support of local law enforcement.

Growing up in a law enforcement household, I understand the sacrifices our men and women in blue make every single day,” said Congressman Zeldin. “Now more than ever we must defend our law enforcement – not defund and dismantle them.

The Zeldin for Congress campaign recently released 3 other digital ads: Better FutureIn The House, and Your Part.

Congressman Lee Zeldin Breaks Records With Monster Q2 Fundraising Report

Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1) raised nearly $1,500,000 in Q2 of 2020. The campaign has nearly $2,700,000 cash-on-hand with almost 90% of donations being under $50.

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This is the most Congressman Zeldin has raised in a single quarter, shattering many other local fundraising records in the process. Additionally, the $4.8 million he has raised so far this cycle is already the most Congressman Zeldin has ever brought in for a campaign.


“These numbers reflect widespread support for and trust in Congressman Zeldin who continues to deliver for Long Island families, including, just this year, securing the $2 billion Electron Ion Collidor “Dream Machine” for Brookhaven National Lab, over 1 million items of PPE & vital stimulus aid at the height of the Coronavirus Pandemic, and so much more,” said James Zenn, Zeldin for Congress Campaign Manager.

New York State Troopers PBA Endorses Lee Zeldin for US Congress 1st District

“Lee Zeldin has consistently championed police and first responders and is unafraid to stand up against calls to defund police departments and other radical efforts that will make our officers and communities less safe.  We are very appreciative for his support of police especially during these tumultuous times when it is fashionable to turn their backs on the law enforcement profession.”

John Clark, New York State Troopers PBA, 2nd VP / Legislative Director.

Congressman Lee Zeldin Statement on NY-1 Democratic Primary Results

My entire life has and continues to be in service to America and Long Island, working on behalf of our neighborhoods so they are not forgotten and ensuring our country has everything it needs to fight the battles of a constantly changing world.

I am willing to work with anyone when it comes to safeguarding the health, welfare and safety of our country. That is why the Lugar Center and Georgetown University currently rate me as the 12th Most Bipartisan Member of the House of Representatives. It’s been an honor to lead the effort this year to:


  • Bring home the $2 Billion Dream Machine Electron Ion Collider project to Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • Secure over one million items of necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Suffolk’s health care providers and first responders
  • Help ensure our small businesses and their workers had the support they needed throughout the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Stand up to the threats our nation faces from adversaries abroad, such as the Chinese Communist Party, Iran, North Korea and others, while strengthening our relationships with allies like Israel

These are just some of the many important ways I’ve been fighting hard every day for the greatest Congressional District in America, which is why I’m especially excited and looking forward to delivering countless more victories as we move forward together.

America is at a crossroads, with many in our country pushing to ‘defund, ‘disband’, ‘dismantle’, or ‘abolish’ our police departments, institute a federal government takeover of our healthcare system, implement a disastrously flawed ‘Green New Deal’, and raise our taxes the likes of which we’ve never seen. We can’t let that happen.

Throughout my 17 years of service in our nation’s military, I’ve witnessed firsthand the dedication of so many selfless individuals who have put their lives on the line to defend our freedoms – we need more of that.


I will continue a laser focus on our economy, cutting taxes and growing jobs, increasing healthcare access and affordability, ensuring Long Islanders have clean air and clean water, protecting America’s safety and security at home and abroad, supporting our first responders and veterans, and stopping radical policies and other costly pursuits that would harm the families of Long Island.

North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters Endorses Zeldin for Congress

PATCHOGUE, NY – The North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters today endorsed Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1) for re-election to Congress in 2020.


“Not only has Congressman Zeldin fought hard to ensure our economy gets back on its feet in the wake of COVID-19, he has stood up to protect our rights by vehemently opposing National Right to Work and been instrumental in battling efforts to undermine prevailing wage laws. He has consistently delivered for Long Island, and will continue to do so,” Anthony Villa of the North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters said.


“As someone who was born and raised in a union household, I understand the vital role labor plays in keeping our country moving, which is why I’ve continued to drive home good-paying jobs, like those spurred by Brookhaven National Lab’s new $2 billion Electron Ion Collider now coming to our district,” Congressman Zeldin said. “I am honored to have the endorsement of the Carpenters and look forward to working alongside them to ensure we get our economy booming and people working again here on Long Island.”


The North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters represents 28,000 members.


This is Congressman Zeldin’s 3rd labor endorsement of the 2020 cycle, having previously been endorsed by the SMART Transportation Division of the Long Island Railroad and Plumbers Local 200.

Plumbers Local Union #200 Endorses Congressman Zeldin

PATCHOGUE, NY – Today, Plumbers Local Union #200 announced its endorsement of Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1) for reelection in New York’s First Congressional District.

“During these unprecedented times, Congressman Zeldin has continued to work for what is important for his constituents through his work securing essential masks and gloves for our first responders as well as vital aid for our small businesses and families. His effort and working relationship with Washington has provided Long Island with a good future for upcoming years. For example, the Electron Ion Collider he secured for Brookhaven labs should provide many good jobs and boost the economy for all of Long Island, including our building trades,” said Danny Grodotzke, Business Manager for Plumbers Local Union #200.

Mario Mattera, business agent with Local 200 echoed this sentiment, “Lee has spent his career working tirelessly to protect the rights to organize of the hardworking men and women of Long Island. He was essential in bringing funding home for the Dream Machine Collider project at Brookhaven National Labs which will create much-needed high-paying jobs here on Long Island. He is a true champion for us, securing vital resources for Suffolk County at the height of the Coronavirus Pandemic and there is no better man to help us moving forward as we work to rebuild our economy here at home.”

“I am honored by this great, continued support from Plumbers Local Union #200, an organization powered by some of our communities’ hardest working Long Islanders,” said Congressman Zeldin. “Having grown up in a union household, it is this unwavering work ethic that drives me to continue to deliver for the communities we love. Whether it’s securing a multi-billion dollar Discovery Machine for Brookhaven National Lab or vital PPE for our front line workers finishing the fight against coronavirus, I look forward to continuing to work together to deliver for Long Island.”

This is Congressman Zeldin’s second labor endorsement of the 2020 election cycle. He has also been endorsed by the SMART division of the Long Island Railroad – the largest rail employees union on Long Island.