IBEW Local 2230 Endorses Congressman Zeldin for Re-Election in 2020

PATCHOGUE, NY – The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 2230 endorsed Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1), Co-Chairman of the National Labs Caucus, for re-election in 2020. Today’s endorsement comes following Friday’s kick off event of the $2 billion Dream Machine Electron Ion Collider project at Brookhaven National Laboratory. This $2 billion project, which IBEW cites in its endorsement of Congressman Zeldin, will not only spur some of the most significant scientific discoveries of our time, but will also create thousands of jobs and ignite our local economy. 


Local 2230 is proud to support Congressman Lee Zeldin in his bid for reelection. Our local stands in solidarity with Congressman Zeldin for many reasons, chiefly, his actions during our Local’s contentious negotiations in 2018. Local 2230 was heading toward a strike, and as a direct result of Congressman Zeldin’s involvement, we were able avoid such a fate, while securing a fair and equitable contract,” said Frank Raynor, Business Manager for Local 2230. “ His ability to balance the needs of Brookhaven National Lab, and the taxpayer dollars used to fund projects like Dream Machine Electron Ion Collider, prove that he is working for the American people, and why we proudly stand behind him.”


Founded in 1971, IBEW Local 2230 has grown to include more than 1,600+ active members and upwards of 200+ IBEW pensioners. The Local encompasses electricians, metal workers, custodians, police, firemen, plumbers, painters, grounds people, carpenters, and water treatment workers at Brookhaven National Laboratory. 


“The $2 billion Electron Ion Collider at Brookhaven National Laboratory is a game changer for our community and will be a source of good paying jobs for Local 2230 for many years to come,” said Congressman Zeldin. “I’m grateful for their endorsement and will always fight for them and their families.”


This is Congressman Zeldin’s 35th union endorsement of the 2020 campaign. For a full list of Congressman Zeldin’s endorsements, click here.