Check out the CDC website here to learn more about coronavirus and what you can do to protect yourself and our community.


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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Check out the CDC website here to learn more about coronavirus and what you can do to protect yourself and your community.

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Lee Zeldin
Lee Zeldin
The East End has a new drive-thru testing location in Riverhead at 1149 Old Country Road. Many residents reached out to me over concerns that the Stony Brook University testing center was too far for some east end residents looking for a more local mobile testing site. This location will provide essential testing to the East End 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is possible because of the incredible work of our healthcare professionals. If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, you can call 1-516-874-0411 to schedule an appointment.
Lee Zeldin
Lee Zeldin
One of the biggest challenges we face while confronting the coronavirus pandemic is the increased number of patients in our hospitals. To address this, the Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA are hard at work building a series of temporary field hospitals throughout downstate New York, including one at Stony Brook University. This contract was awarded by the Army Corps yesterday and construction is set to be completed by April 18th. I want to thank everyone who will be building this new temporary hospital and the medical professionals who will be staffing this site at Stony Brook. They are our heroes who stepped up to help their community, state and nation in this daunting hour.
Lee Zeldin
Lee Zeldin
To the Navy medics aboard the USNS Comfort, welcome to New York, and thank you for coming to our aid. This 1,000 bed hospital ship, along with its highly trained staff, will be essential in helping stop the overflow of patients in our hospitals as beds become an even more vital resource. One team one fight! 🇺🇸
Lee Zeldin
Lee Zeldin
76,000 healthcare workers have now volunteered to work in NY hospitals during this time of heightened stress on our healthcare system. These are amazing, committed men and women rising to the moment to care for their fellow New Yorkers.

In order to keep these incredible people safe, they need even more PPE in the coming days and weeks. This should be treated with extreme urgency. The supply chains are strong for PPE, but seeing even ONE health care worker wearing a garbage bag instead of a gown is totally unacceptable.

New York State has now compiled a stockpile of 2.5 million N95 masks, 6 million surgical masks, 2.7 million gloves, 500,000 protective gowns, and 300,000 face shields. While everyone works together to bring in even more PPE, let's distribute much of this stockpile right now to our great workers, including those in need on Long Island. In addition to $16 billion secured for PPE this past week in the CARES Act, I have been receiving dozens of offers to sell massive quantities of PPE, which I then connect with New York State and our local hospitals to vet and decide whether to pursue. We are also receiving donation offers as well. For example, I was recently able to connect M&C Venture Group with Stony Brook University for a large DONATION of PPE kits.

PPE....PPE...PPE! Our selfless health care professionals, first responders, and law enforcement need more and I'll keep working 24/7 to do my part to assist. This should be treated with the attitude that TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! One team. One fight!🇺🇸 ❤️
Lee Zeldin
Lee Zeldin
The USNS Comfort, with 1000 hospital beds, just departed Norfolk, Virginia, and is headed to New York! The crew worked very hard to get the ship out of maintenance ahead of schedule to arrive to NY by Monday. The federal government is partnering with the state to help respond to this crisis in many ways.

-Army Corps just completed a nearly 3000 bed temporary hospital in the Javitz Center and is building temporary hospitals at other locations as well, including Stony Brook.
-FEMA delivered 4000 ventilators to NY with more being secured now as well.
-An Emergency Declaration for NY was approved shortly after it was requested.
-The President invoked the Defense Production Act to get more ventilators manufactured faster.
-Over 600 Army medics from Fort Campbell, KY, and Fort Hood, TX, have been sent to NY.
-The federal government expedited approvals for testing at public labs, private labs, and semi-automated testing as well.
-Congress passed 3 bills providing for more testing and free testing, $16 billion for PPE, expanded telemedicine for seniors, paid sick leave, paid family leave, expanded unemployment payments, food assistance, funding for hospitals and state and local governments, and a new grant/loan program for small businesses.
-The IRS changed its filing/payment deadline from April 15 to July 15 without penalty or interest.
-Student loans have been deferred for at least 60 days without penalty or interest.

That list goes on, but we must do even more and do everything in our power 24/7 to win this war against coronavirus.

One team. One fight!
Lee Zeldin
Lee Zeldin
A MESSAGE FROM TEAM ZELDIN: We have suspended our usual end of month election related fundraising. With everything going on in our community, state and country regarding coronavirus, we are asking, if you can, to donate food or money to any of the organizations below:

Island Harvest aims to feed the residents of Long Island while reducing food waste:

Long Island Cares pools all available resources to provide humanitarian needs to Long Island residents:

Lighthouse Mission feeds the hungry and helps the homeless in our community to overcome poverty and live purpose-filled lives:

Village Chabad is a Chabad-Lubavitch organization dedicated to the welfare of the Jewish people worldwide:

One team. One fight! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!


Dr. Peter Michalos from Southampton in NY-1 raised $433,000 to purchase & deliver 12 ventilators to @StonyBrookSHH. He also distributed 1,000 N95 masks to Doctors, Nurses, State Troopers and Southampton Town and Village personnel. Thank You Dr. Michalos! RepLeeZeldin photo

Still the greatest country in the world and always will be.
Thank you to the approximately 500 EMTs and paramedics who have arrived in New York City from around the country to join us on the front lines of the city's response to COVID-19. Read more:

Remington Arms is offering to build ventilators in New York.

🚨As the # of hospitalized coronvirus patients continues to rise in NY, a contract was just awarded by @USACEHQ to build a temporary hospital @stonybrooku to accommodate over 1,000 non-COVID-19 patients. Construction is expected to be completed by Apr 18.

#NYPD @FDNY @SCPDHq Our first responders and law enforcement are laying it all out on the line in NYC and on Long Island. They are always selflessly all in.


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