Zeldin for Congress Announces Endorsements from 18 East End Elected Officials

Zeldin for Congress Announces Endorsements from 18 East End Elected Officials

Hampton Bays, NY – The Zeldin for Congress campaign just announced that Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1) has received 18 endorsements from elected officials in the five East End towns of the First Congressional District of New York. So far, 56 state, county and town elected officials in NY-1 have now endorsed Congressman Zeldin’s campaign for re-election this year.

Congressman Zeldin said, “I am humbled and grateful for these endorsements from our hard working east end elected officials. It has been an honor to represent an area as vibrant and unique as our Congressional District. With the support of these great elected officials from Riverhead, East Hampton, Shelter Island, Southold and Southampton, we can build upon our past wins together for our shared constituents and get even greater victories across the finish line moving forward.”

“I am honored to endorse Congressman Lee Zeldin for re-election. Lee has been a zealous advocate on behalf of Southold Town residents. He fights for us and for the issues that are most important to us. As a veteran and family man, his introduction and passage into law of the Adult Day Health Care bill for disabled veterans ensures that our heroes receive the care and assistance they need. Lee Zeldin is a strong leader, laser focused on our local priorities, and the right man to serve our district,” stated Southold Town Supervisor Scott Russell.

“Lee Zeldin is the Representative our East End needs, and I am delighted to lend him my support for another term in Congress. Lee Zeldin has fought for our local interests every day in Washington. He is a strong vocal champion for our local fishermen, has secured House passage multiple times of his proposals to save Plum Island, strongly opposes offshore drilling, and worked across party lines to secure critical funding for our East End environment. Lee Zeldin is a Congressman, soldier, and family man, who is fighting, winning, and delivering for the East End. A firm advocate of our environment, our veterans, and our future, Lee Zeldin is the right man to lead us in 2019,” stated Southold Deputy Supervisor William Ruland.

“In Congress, Rep. Zeldin has worked tirelessly to protect our quality of life and safeguard the environment on Long Island. He championed the Fire Island to Montauk Point Project to strengthen our often fragile beachfront on the South Shore, secured millions in funding to protect the Peconic Estuary and Long Island Sound and also secured an emergency dredging for Moriches Inlet to protect our fishermen and boaters. A WWII veteran, my Grandfather always appreciated that Congressman Zeldin understood the importance of protecting and strengthening our Nation’s security and improving services for our veterans and first responders who serve to protect us at home and abroad. I am proud to give Lee Zeldin my endorsement for a third term in Congress,” stated Southampton Town Clerk Sundy Schermeyer.

“Lee Zeldin has the discipline required to make much needed changes for Long Island and has done a remarkable job so far. No Representative has fought as hard as Congressman Zeldin for our veterans and first responders through initiatives like the PFC Joseph Dwyer Program and his Adult Day Healthcare Bill. I am proud to give him my enthusiastic endorsement,” stated Southampton Receiver of Taxes Theresa Kiernan.

“Southampton needs strong representation in Washington, and I am delighted to lend Lee Zeldin my support for a third term in Congress. He truly listens to his constituents and has been active in seeking to improve Long Island by protecting our environment, improving our safety and security, and helping grow our economy. Rep. Zeldin is not one to make promises on which he can’t deliver. He is a man of his word who truly cares about his district. I urge the people of NY-1 to join me in re-electing a veteran who has made public service his top priority,” stated Southampton Councilwoman Christine Scalera.

“Lee Zeldin has done an outstanding job as our Congressman and has lived up to every expectation. I am proud to endorse him for a third term in Congress. He shows that he puts his constituents first, by working to resolve local issues like water quality and infrastructure, while still remaining a strong and prominent voice in Washington on even the most global of issues. Rep. Zeldin’s work in protecting local commerce and growing our middle class has helped put our community on the right track. A veteran, family man, and patriot, Lee Zeldin is the perfect person for the job, and I cannot wait to see what he can accomplish in his next term,” stated Riverhead Councilman James Wooten.

“I am very happy with the work Lee Zeldin has done over his two terms and enthusiastically support his bid for reelection. He has dedicated himself to growing our local workforce, and understands how to expand our economy and create good, high-paying jobs for hard working Long Islanders. Between his devotion to helping veterans and efforts to protect the environment, I cannot speak highly enough of our Congressman. Rep. Zeldin has lived up to every expectation so far, and is the right man to represent our town in front of the nation,” stated Riverhead Councilwoman Jodi Giglio.

“Time and again, Congressman Lee Zeldin has demonstrated that he fully understands the challenges facing Suffolk County and that he will fight in the best interests of Long Islanders. It is incredibly refreshing to finally have a representative in Washington who has committed himself to getting things done. As a Riverhead Town Councilman, I believe that some of Congressman Zeldin’s most notable accomplishments include fighting to end the heroin and opioid abuse epidemic, launching a local veterans’ clinic in Manorville, and securing full funding for our estuaries. Congressman Zeldin’s enthusiasm and determination to serve the public have fueled his success as a leader. I am proud to lend my support to a Member of Congress who is aware of the issues and has his priorities in check,” stated Riverhead Councilman Timothy Hubbard.

“Lee Zeldin has been a champion for our community. He has passed legislation to combat Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases, saved the Land and Water Conservation fund, had his bill passed in the House to save Plum Island, and secured House passage of his proposal to move helicopter traffic away from Shelter Island. Lee does more than talk about the issues, he steps up and takes action. That’s why we need to return his independent voice to Washington in November,” stated Shelter Island Supervisor Gary Gerth.

“Lee Zeldin has demonstrated that he truly cares about his constituents. He has fought to preserve our environment and end the heroin and opioid abuse epidemic. Through his actions to safeguard Plum Island, restore our coastlines, and secure funding for infrastructure, Congressman Zeldin has shown that he understands the issues important to Long Islanders. This November, join me in re-electing a soldier, family man, and hard working leader who will continue to do great work for the people of Long Island,” stated Shelter Island Councilman Paul Shepherd.

“Lee Zeldin has established an excellent reputation for himself by pushing to improve Long Island’s economy through lessening federal regulation and maintaining a great commercial environment. Lee Zeldin understands that too much government overreach is extraordinarily harmful for the middle class, and has fought to grow our industries so they can provide local, good paying jobs. The Congressman has fought to reduce helicopter noise on the East End, and to protect the Long Island Sound. A vote for Lee Zeldin is a vote for the success of our working families, and I have no doubt that he will continue to do great work as our Congressman,” stated Southold Councilman Bob Ghosio.

“Lee Zeldin is a strong leader who has accomplished so much in his time as our Congressman. His commitment to ending the heroin and opioid abuse epidemic, repairing our roads and bridges, and protecting our environment show just how in touch he is with the needs of his district. A true conservative and a firm believer in family values, Lee Zeldin is the right fit for our district and I am proud to call him my Congressman. Lee isn’t afraid to go against the Washington establishment when it comes to providing for his constituents,” stated Southold Councilwoman Jill Doherty.

“Congressman Zeldin understands the importance of securing our borders, and I am honored to have him represent Southold in Washington. Lee Zeldin understands our need for strong national security. He knows how to protect our country and has taken action to strengthen our borders while closing security gaps overseas. I cannot speak highly enough of our Congressman’s devotion to our safety, security, and the preservation of our democracy. There is no doubt that Lee Zeldin is the right man to lead our district going forward,” stated Southold Councilman James Dinizio Jr.

“Lee Zeldin proudly represents our district in a positive way, by putting his constituents first. He has continuously supported the needs of the people, by supporting our veterans and improving our environment. His actions speak louder than his words through his active involvement to help restore our coastlines and provide care for disabled veterans. He is able to accomplish these tasks from his understanding of the issues that surround his home district. I am proud to give our Congressman my full support in this upcoming re-election,” stated Shelter Island Councilwoman Amber Brach-Williams.

“Lee Zeldin consistently delivers for the people in our district and I very much support his re-election. His ability to listen to and address the concerns of his constituents have made a very positive difference in our community,” stated Southold Town Assessor Charles Sanders.

“Congressman Zeldin has been a champion for Long Island in elected office since he was in the State Senate. He is attentive to the needs of his constituents, fights to preserve our environment, and works with law enforcement to keep our streets safe. I am happy to once again endorse his re-election to Congress,” stated Southold Highway Superintendent Vinny Orlando.

“We need Congressman Zeldin in Washington to continue to fight for our district. As a Long Island native, Lee Zeldin was raised to fully understand the needs of the people of our district. He has proven his ability to deliver consistent results for his constituents,” stated Southold Town Assessor Kevin Webster.

“Lee Zeldin have been a steadfast supporter of our environment, supports our law enforcement, and is always there when the community needs him. He is the independent voice we need in Washington and I am proud to endorse him for another term in Congress,” stated Southold Town Clerk Elizabeth Neville.