(VIDEO) Gershon Campaign Staffer Assaults College Student

(VIDEO) Gershon Campaign Staffer Assaults College Student

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Gershon Still Silent One Week After Incident, Failing to Condemn Violence

Port Jefferson Station, N.Y. – Last Monday evening, October 22nd, a Perry Gershon for Congress campaign staffer, entering a Manhattan hotel with Gershon, assaulted a college student who simply was asking why Gershon was in Manhattan that night instead of campaigning in NY-1 during the home stretch of this year’s Congressional campaign. Gershon also stayed overnight last Monday at his Manhattan brownstone. Following a week of silence, Gershon still has not yet condemned this inexcusable act of political violence and still has not issued an apology to the college student.

From Chris Boyle, Zeldin for Congress Campaign Communications Director: “Perry Gershon needs to offer a public apology to this college student, and the staffer must be let go from the campaign immediately. It blows my mind that the days keep passing with no statement about this violent incident. Unless Gershon is an advocate for political violence, he needs to take action immediately regardless of the fact that:

-All polls show him trailing in this race (including his own internals);

-His campaign is now in debt;

-He literally admitted at last Thursday’s East End Independent Editorial Board meeting he is not qualified to run for local school board in NY-1; and

-Last Wednesday, Gershon was exposed at the News 12 debate for lying more than he tells the truth, and later was caught lying about Congressman Zeldin’s record on offshore drilling at a debate held by the Press News Group, and Sag Harbor Express.

The Gershon campaign is in a steady tailspin heading into the last week of this election. They are deep in debt, refusing to denounce the political violence that took place when one of their staffers assaulted a college student, down in every poll, and are being embarrassed at every debate trying to cover up for previous lies.

What’s most important to understand here Perry is that physical assault doesn’t just blow over.”