Zeldin for Congress Announces First Round of Union Endorsements: Releases List of 12 Labor Endorsements

Zeldin for Congress Announces First Round of Union Endorsements: Releases List of 12 Labor Endorsements

Port Jefferson Station, NY– Zeldin for Congress released the following statement with the first round of endorsements from 12 local unions:

“We are proud to announce that 12 unions have now endorsed Congressman Lee Zeldin for re-election. These endorsements are a result of the Congressman’s successful work to help grow our economy, secure our country and bring home many important victories for hard working, blue collar Long Islanders.”

The following are quotes that were contained within the endorsement letters from each union:

“Your experience and concern for public safety, public safety professionals and working families, our education system, and the economy of our city and State will certainly be major assets to the people of New York State,” stated Gerard Fitzgerald, President of the Uniformed Firefighters Association.

“The executive board of the Suffolk County Deputy Sheriffs P.B.A has unanimously voted to endorse your candidacy for the 1st Congressional District,” stated John Becker, President of the Suffolk County Deputy Sheriffs P.B.A.

“We appreciate the hard work you’ve done for the members of your district thus far, and look forward to working with you in the future,” stated Louis Viscusi, President of the Suffolk County Correction Officers Association.

“Your pro-worker record speaks for itself. Our organization is confident that you will continue to vote to protect worker rights. We are also aware of your successful bipartisan effort to defeat disastrous cuts to important parts of our transportation economy like Amtrak and Suffolk Bus, and that you support the expansion projects currently underway to grow the MTA Long Island Rail Road,” stated Anthony Simon, General Chairman of the Smart Transportation Division of the Long Island Rail Road.

“We stand behind you in your fight for veterans’ programs and benefits. We are confident that you will continue in your efforts for improvement while you serve your constituents,” stated Debra A. Hagan, President of the Transport Workers Union Local 252.

“As we head towards election day in November, please know that these twelve New York/New Jersey state conference local chapters of the Transport Workers Union will actively engage our respective membership, retirees, and supporters who reside in your Long Island district, to head to the polls and cast their vote to see your successful return to our great nation’s House of Representatives,” stated Angelo Cucuzza, Chair of the New York/New Jersey Conference of the Transport Workers Union.

“As I have stated many times in the past, Lee is always trying to achieve what he believes is good for his constituents, and his community regardless of the climate down in Washington. Looking out for the best interests of Long Island continues to be his commitment to all of us,” stated Danny Grodotzke, Business Manager of Plumbers Local Union No. 200.

“Local 138 has over 1,500 members who work as heavy equipment operators, mechanics, and oilers in the construction industry across Long Island. Our organization is very satisfied with your pro-worker record in Congress,” stated John Duffy, Business Manager and Treasurer of International Union of Operating Engineers Local 138.

“We commend you for your tireless efforts on behalf of working people. Your dedication to worker protections, including your staunch support of Davis Bacon prevailing wage laws has truly advanced the rights of workers in your district and throughout the country,” stated Joseph A. Geiger, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the New York City & Vicinity District Council of Carpenters.

“Your actions have demonstrated a clear and unwavering commitment to the American maritime worker, and to ensuring that American maritime jobs are not outsourced to the benefit of foreign workers. We are proud to stand with you and we look forward to working with you in the next Congress and beyond,” stated Captain Don Marcus, President of the International Organization of Masters Mates & Pilots.

“Congressman Zeldin has stood up and defended the hard working middle class by opposing so-called “Right to Work” legislation. He continued his vigilance for American jobs and the sovereignty of the United States of America by voting against the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA),” stated Tom Ryan, President of Boilermakers Local Lodge Number 5.

“Thank you for continuing to fight for union’s rights, increase the number of good paying jobs in New York, and serve as an independent voice for us in Congress. It is crucial that we have a Congressman like you in Washington D.C, with a strong pro-worker record. In addition, we admire your support of working class families, measures you have taken to protect the environment, and efforts to keep our communities safe,” stated George Truicko Jr., Business Manager of Laborers Union Local 1298.