Transport Workers Union Endorses Congressman Lee Zeldin for Re-election

Transport Workers Union Endorses Congressman Lee Zeldin for Re-election

Port Jefferson Station, N.Y. (June 4, 2018) – Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1) has been endorsed by the Transport Workers Union of America New York and New Jersey State Conference, as well as TWU AFL-CIO Local 252, representing nearly 140,000 members across the airline, railroad, transit, university, utilities, services and gaming sectors serving as a voice for bus drivers, flight attendants, rail inspectors, and many other occupations throughout the First Congressional District of New York and beyond. The two endorsement letters can be viewed here and here.

Local 252 President Debra Hagan commended Congressman Zeldin for his efforts to “make improvements to the quality of life for all working men and women throughout Suffolk County and New York State”. Hagan conveyed her union’s support stating, “Your acknowledgement of the need to support legislation to improve our local infrastructure is well documented with your voting record.” She continued, “We also stand behind you in your fight for veterans’ programs and benefits. We are confident that you will continue in your efforts for improvement while you serve your constituents.” Hagan concluded, “Local 252 is proud to endorse your candidacy for re-election, and will actively support you in the months and years to come.”

In their letter of endorsement, the Transport Workers Union of America New York and New Jersey State Conference wrote to Congressman Zeldin that they will “actively engage our respective membership, retirees and supporters who reside in your Long Island District to head to the polls and cast their vote to see your successful return to our great nation’s House of Representatives.”

Some of Congressman Zeldin’s many legislative victories in support of transportation workers have included:

  • Co-Sponsoring a key bipartisan provision that was passed and signed into law to address the growing issue of transit operator assault.
  • Voting against allowing heavier trucks on local and national roads, and receiving an award from the Coalition Against Bigger Trucks for his efforts to keep dangerous double wide 33’ tractor-trailers off our roads.
  • Supporting a five-year, fully funded highway and transit bill (H.R. 22, the FAST Act), which was signed into law, to ensure that our transit workers, construction trades, and contractors have the certainty they need to rebuild our critical infrastructure and create jobs.

Congressman Zeldin said, ”I am grateful of the Transport Workers Union of America for continuing to support my efforts to represent their members, important transportation related causes, and the greatest Congressional District in America,” Zeldin said. “These hard workers are vital to our community and way of life and it will be a privilege to continue to fight for them, their families and our region in the months and years ahead.”