14 Brookhaven Electeds Endorse “Hometown Congressman” Lee Zeldin

14 Brookhaven Electeds Endorse “Hometown Congressman” Lee Zeldin

Port Jefferson Station, NY– Zeldin for Congress just announced the endorsement of 14 Brookhaven elected officials:

Congressman Lee Zeldin said, “I would like to thank all of these great, hard working Brookhaven elected officials for endorsing my re-election campaign to Congress. It has been a privilege to represent Brookhaven in Washington, working to help grow our economy, strengthen our national security at home and abroad, fight for our nation’s veterans, work to end the heroin and opioid abuse epidemic, repair our local infrastructure, and protect our environment. It is due to the great partnership with our local officials that I am able to help resolve many local challenges through my work in Congress. Serving the people of Long Island has always been and will continue to be my number one priority, and I am humbled by the support that I have received so far. I look forward to continuing to work with our Brookhaven officials for the rest of 2018 and in the years to come.”

“Lee Zeldin is a true example of integrity and hard work. I am proud to call him my Congressman, colleague, former intern, and friend. His tireless efforts to repair our infrastructure, and provide for our nation’s servicemen and women are just a few of his outstanding accomplishments thus far. Lee Zeldin has demonstrated that his commitment and steadfast leadership are just what New York’s First Congressional District needs,” stated New York State Senator Kenneth LaValle.

“I am pleased to endorse our Congressman who understands very well the importance of protecting our environment. Congressman Zeldin led a bipartisan effort to successfully double the funding for the EPA Long Island Sound, is a strong vocal champion for our local fishermen, and strongly opposes offshore drilling. Lee grew up in our district, knows the issues we face firsthand and consistently tackles them head on for the betterment of our communities. He is the independent voice we need in Washington,” stated New York State Assemblyman Anthony Palumbo.

“Lee Zeldin is most definitely the right person to lead our district in the future and I think he has been doing a terrific job as our Congressman. Lee has proven his dedication to provide opportunities for people to work and thrive on Long Island. He has worked tirelessly to improve our infrastructure, locally and across the nation. Lee has also led the effort to take violent gang members off of our streets, crack down on heroin and opioid addiction and always stands firmly behind our police officers, fighting to give them the resources they need to be successful. He demonstrates his strength of character and willingness to fight for those who have already fought for us. These are just a few of the reasons that I am proud to give Lee Zeldin my enthusiastic endorsement for another term in Congress,” stated New York State Assemblyman Dean Murray.

“Lee Zeldin is the perfect fit for the people of Suffolk County and has an ever growing list of accomplishments to prove it. Whether its securing federal funding for our local roads and bridges, supporting our veterans or protecting our environment, Lee never stops fighting for NY-1. We have a strong representative in Congress and I am happy to endorse Lee Zeldin for a third term,” stated Suffolk County Clerk Judith Pascale.

“Lee has done a phenomenal job representing the people of New York’s First Congressional District and has accomplished an incredible amount for our local communities. A veteran himself, Lee’s support and commitment for our nation’s brave men and women is second to none. He has worked tirelessly to fight gang violence within our communities by introducing his ‘Protecting Our Communities From Gang Violence Act’ and has taken critical action to address the drug epidemic. He has delivered big wins in securing funds for our local infrastructure. I ask you to join me this November in re-electing a true American leader,” stated Suffolk County Legislator Tom Muratore.

“Congressman Lee Zeldin is the embodiment of what a Congressman should be. Whether it’s championing efforts to protect our communities against gang violence, cleaning up our waterways, working to end the heroin and opioid abuse epidemic or fighting for our nation’s veterans, Lee has been able to deliver for our district. Congressman Zeldin is the strong, community minded leader we need representing us in Washington and I’m proud to endorse his re-election,” stated Suffolk County Legislator Rudy Sunderman.

“Congressman Lee Zeldin has succeeded in passing important laws to protect our coastline and the Long Island Sound. He has secured House passage of his legislation to block the sale of Plum Island. He is leading the effort to end gang violence. He has worked to bring home funds to rebuild our infrastructure, including desperately needed funds for Hospital Road Bridge in East Patchogue. Congressman Zeldin is a fiscal conservative who works in Congress to limit wasteful spending and burdensome taxes. I support Congressman Zeldin’s efforts to build a stronger, better America,” stated Brookhaven Town Supervisor Ed Romaine.

“Lee Zeldin is a shining example of a dynamic leader who sees the issues facing our community and tackles them head on. During his tenure in Congress, Lee has fought hard for the working class, securing much needed funding to repair our crumbling infrastructure. As an elected official, I have had no better working relationship with anyone at the national level like the one I have had with Lee, who has been able to accomplish the things our town truly needs to move forward. With unbreakable integrity and a steadfast commitment to service, Lee Zeldin has done right by our district and has my full support for a third term in Congress,” stated Brookhaven Highway Superintendent Dan Losquadro.

“Lee Zeldin has proven himself as a leader who stands for fiscal restraint. He has fought to strengthen the small business community and has cut back intrusive federal regulations. During his time as our Congressman, Lee Zeldin’s actions have shown that he values integrity and fiscal discipline in government,” stated Brookhaven Town Receiver of Taxes Lou Marcoccia.

“Congressman Zeldin’s ability to garner national attention and interest to Long Island on such important issues like gang violence is unparalleled in recent history. Lee’s views on saving Plum Island, opposing offshore drilling and dredging Moriches Inlet are directly inline with the views of our area. His homegrown roots are firmly planted here and I look forward to working with Lee in the future to obtain the resources needed for the residents of our Town,” stated Brookhaven Deputy Supervisor and Town Councilman Dan Panico.

“Lee Zeldin has delivered on his promises to the residents of the First Congressional District. Whether it’s supporting our veterans, helping to support and grow small businesses, or securing funds to improve our infrastructure, Congressman Zeldin has proven himself to be a dedicated public servant for Long Islanders. I am proud to call Lee Zeldin my Congressman and I ask that you join me in supporting him this November,” stated Brookhaven Town Councilman Kevin LaValle.

“Lee Zeldin is a true leader, veteran and family man who raises his family in the same community he grew up in. He has fought for our nation’s defense, our environment and has consistently delivered for our district. As a Brookhaven Town Councilwoman, I can say that the residents of Brookhaven are well served by Lee Zeldin because he puts his constituents first. I am proud to support his re-election,” stated Brookhaven Town Councilwoman Jane Bonner.

“Congressman Lee Zeldin has been a great voice for the people of the First Congressional District. As a Brookhaven Town Councilman, I have seen firsthand his steadfast commitment to our community. He has taken the lead on local and national issues like providing much needed services for veterans, working with law enforcement to eradicate MS-13 from our communities, and tackling the drug epidemic. I am proud to endorse Lee Zeldin and I ask that you join me in supporting him for Congress this November,” stated Brookhaven Town Councilman Neil Foley.

“Lee Zeldin is the right man to lead the Town of Brookhaven on the national stage. Our Congressman has demonstrated his commitment to protecting our communities by fighting gang violence and the drug epidemic head on. He is working to ensure our local law enforcement officers have the resources they need to keep our neighborhoods safe. Lee Zeldin has certainly established himself as an effective, and personable leader. I am not only proud to call him my Congressman, but also my friend. Please join me this November in supporting Lee Zeldin for Congress,” stated Brookhaven Town Councilman Michael Loguercio.